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Lough Derg Heritage Centre

The Lough Derg Centre, a heritage centre located on Main Street, Pettigo, encourages the visitor to explore the Celtic origins of St Patrick's Purgatory, Lough Derg. This archaic sanctuary which so fascinated the medieval world that it drew penitents and pilgrims from every corner of the known world is recreated in the exhibits and presentations on display. Lough Derg has inspired poets throughout the ages and extracts of these poems are used as an alternative to the traditional storyboards. Travel through time to the mythical beginnings of the Purgatory, when a mythical bird/serpent who inhabited the lake was allegedly banished by St Patrick. In its death throes, her blood coloured the lake giving the lake its name 'Loch Dearg'. A visit to the centre can be combined with a boat trip to the island, which will enable the visitor to experience the tranquillity of the site, which attracts around 30,000 pilgrims annually.

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