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Killaghtee Old Church and Heritage Site

This church and cemetary are great for picture taking and having a picnic. You will be surrounded by the most wonderful stonework. Named after the Parish of Killaghtee, where it is located, the church is listed as one of Ireland's official Heritage sites and is posted as such. Except for in the old, medieval town of Carlingford, on the other side of the country, this church had some of the oldest gravestones I saw in all of Ireland. (In Carlingford, some of the markers were just plain rocks.) They have even named one of the gravestones with a Heritage sign calling it the Killaghtee Cross - it has been dated to the time of the vikings, 650 AD, showing its age with a large celtic cross on top. The church itself, or the walls of it, could be called well-preserved but its oh so small. It was interesting to see just how small a church could be back then, as if there were only a few who would use it, yet that did not deter them from the trouble of building it. And, the stonework a

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