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Kilclooney Dolmen

Kilclooney Dolmen marks the burial place of some V.I.P. of his time although folklore lends it and all the other dolmens in the country more romantic connotations, associating them with the meeting places of the eloped couple Diarmaid and Grannia. This Particular dolmen has the distinction of being described as one of the most perfect of its type in Ireland. An exceptionally fine portal-tome or dolmen, prominent on the skyline 1/4 mile to the east of the main road, 4 miles north-north-west of Ardara. It well displays the classic features from which this type of monument derives its name. The matched portal stones and gracefully uptilted capstone (nearly 20 feet long and one of the largest in Ireland) oversailing the chamber entrance convey a sense of architectural awareness on the part of the builders and its streamlined profile has inspired numerous analogies; a bird, a fish, Concord, etc. depending on the imagination of the observer. The tomb is substantially complete. A low

Ardara village
Failte Ireland