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Holiday Cottages, Apartments & Houses to Rent in Donegal Ireland

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Donegal Thatched Cottages

Donegal whitewashed thatched cottages were once a common sight throughout Donegal and many examples can still be seen. Covering a house with a roof of straw, reeds, flax or rushes is a tradition that has existed in Ireland for generations. During that time it has evolved into an art form that is appreciated by all, and the Irish thatched cottage has become one of the features of our heritage that is most photographed and most loved. They were constructed with local materials and were in perfect harmony with their rustic surroundings. Built with local stone and bog oak beams to support the thatched roof of local thatch. Inside was a flagstone floor and the open hearth fire was a welcoming sight and the only means of cooking. Irish Thatched Cottage holidays have become very popular in recent years as people from Ireland and overseas grasp the opportunity to experience just what it was like to live in a Thatched Cottage. This has been a welcome development, as it means the skil

County Donegal
Failte Ireland