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Burt Castle

Burt Castle is probably the best known castle in the north-west because of it prominent position on a hilltop clearly visible from the Derry-Letterkenny road. There is no path or road to the site of the castle and it is on private land. It is possible to get close to it by taking one of the roads leading off of the main Derry-Letterkenny road. It was built in the sixteenth century during the reign of Henry the VIII. A medallion found near the castle was dated 1525 and a coin of 1547 was found nearby. In 1587 two brothers, Richard and Henry Hovenden were in command here and they were ordered to resist the Spanish Armada. When the O'Dohertys lost Elagh Castle, they took refuge here. Sir Cahair O'Doherty was in charge in 1601 and it was later garrisoned by Hugh Boy O'Doherty. When Sir Cahair began his rebellion against the crown the English attacked it but were beaten back. After the defeat of Sir Cahair it fell into the hands of the Chichester family. It is recorded that it was in ru

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