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Barnesmore Gap

Barnesmore MountainDonegal: Located on the N15 road to Donegal Town from Ballybofey, Barnsemore and its partner Croaghconnellagh stand like lofty sentinels on either side of Barnesmore Gap. Barnesmore Gap is that big opening between Croaghconnelagh (Connall's mountain) and Croaghonagh (Owen's mountain). Here in this very fine mountain pass the traveller is absolutely shut in between these two great hills as he wends his way along a really excellent road that traverses the gap. These are rugged and gaunt grey mountains which, from a distance, give off a hue of blue, and for three miles on either side the traveller is between massive cliffs and yawning rents cut by streams racing down the mountain and falling into the noisy Lowerymore river. This river keeps company with the main road as far as Lough Eske where it joins the River Eske.

Ballybofey - Donegal Town
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